An atmosphere of trust, compassion, and empathy is at the core of any healing process. Within this context, guidance is provided in uncovering patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that lie at the root of present day difficulties. Often it’s as if we’re carrying wounds from the past that have not yet had the opportunity to heal. These past hurts may continue to have a direct effect on our current feelings and circumstances. For others, the primary reason for seeking counseling may have more to do with a major life change or transition. Whatever the case may be, counseling is available for a wide range of issues and situations. Services are provided for individuals, couples, and families. Adolescents and adults of all ages are welcome.

Some of the issues addressed in counseling include: depression; anxiety; grief and loss; eating disorders; trauma; sexual, physical, and emotional abuse; creative block; personal growth; relationships; sexuality; and women’s and men’s issues across the lifespan.

Counseling is provided by:

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