Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology® applies ideas and techniques that focus on the capacity of the body’s energy system to bring about positive changes in emotions, thoughts, and behavior. In a sense, energy psychology can be considered “acupuncture for the emotions” without the needles. Incorporating the idea that problems arise when specific energy pathways, or meridians, become blocked, this form of therapy consists of tapping specific points on the skin in a particular sequence to alleviate these emotional blockages. The therapist guides the client to first access a particular problem or issue, simultaneously an intervention involving a sequence of tapping is introduced. It is always the client who does the tapping. The shifts are often rapid and profound leaving one in awe of how something so simple can be so powerful. This treatment has been found to be highly effective in helping people experiencing: anxiety, phobias, addictions, post-traumatic stress, and depression. Most recently, it was found to be quite beneficial for those dealing with the emotional aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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