Child Parent Psychotherapy

At Integrated Therapy Associates, we understand the vital role that the parent-child relationship plays in a child’s emotional well-being. Our specialized Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) is provided by Beth Westmoreland, MSW, LCSW, CPP – a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of experience working in diverse settings.

Beth Westmoreland is dedicated to helping families build strong and nurturing connections. She recognizes the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment where parents and children can work together to navigate challenges and foster growth.

Child Parent Psychotherapy focuses on strengthening the attachment and bond between parents and their children. It is a collaborative approach that empowers parents to understand and respond to their child’s needs, ultimately promoting healthy emotional development.

Beth’s extensive experience allows her to tailor her approach to meet the unique needs of each family. She creates a space where open communication, trust, and healing can flourish.

If you’re in Wilmington, NC, and seeking Child Parent Psychotherapy, Beth Westmoreland at Integrated Therapy Associates is here to support you. We believe that a strong parent-child relationship lays the foundation for a child’s future success and well-being.

Take the first step towards nurturing your family’s emotional health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Beth Westmoreland. Your journey towards a more harmonious and connected family life begins here.

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