Our Story- Founder Yael Gold, Ph.D

Founded in 2006, Integrated Therapy Associates has evolved, over the years, through several stages of development, to become the well established group practice that it is today. Our dedication to the processes of personal growth, self reflection, and integrated healing, extends well beyond our clinical work, to encompass the belief that we, as clinicians, are compelled to remain committed to our own ongoing growth processes as well. As such, each of us pursues classes, trainings, and certifications reflective of and aligned with, our varied and diverse interests, state of the art treatment in our respective fields, and the overall greater good.

Integrated Therapy Associates
Creating our logo was the very first step in the formation of ITA. We wanted an image that would be both, symbolic of our holistic perspective, and relatable to our greater community. The overall image comprises a triangle, yet depending on how you view the images within the triangle, you may see either a spiral or a wave embedded within. Here’s a brief description of what these features mean to us. 
Triangle– We view the triangle, with its three equal sides, as representing balance, harmony, and stability. Additionally, it signifies the interconnectedness of mind, body, and heart (emotions). Seen through a therapeutic lens, this emphasizes the importance of nurturing these three fundamental aspects of ourselves as a foundation for lasting change.
Spiral– The inner image  of the spiral speaks to the process of continuous change, growth, and self-discovery. Spirals are found in many aspects of nature, including seashells, flower petals, and weather patterns. They remind us that life, far from being linear, moves in cycles, with endings followed by new beginnings.
The Wave– Perhaps this symbol is especially meaningful, given that we’re situated in a coastal community. For many of us who reside here, the ocean waves represent a felt sense of connection with the power of the natural world.  The ebb and flow of the tides, remind us that change is both constant and inevitable, while the gentle sound of the waves, lapping against the shore, evoke feelings of calm and continuity. 
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