Effective Communication

In the realm of mental and emotional well-being, effective communication is key for healing and growth. At Integrated Therapy Associates in Wilmington, NC, our team, including Dr. Yael Gold, Ph.D., Margaret Mensch, MEd, LPC, and Ms. Carol Bennett, MSW/LCSW, is dedicated to helping individuals enhance their communication skills.
Effective communication is a multi-faceted skill involving the exchange of words, deep listening, and empathetic responses. It’s fundamental to healthy relationships in personal, familial, and professional spheres.

Dr. Yael Gold, Ph.D. – Licensed Psychologist:
Bringing a holistic approach, Dr. Yael Gold emphasizes the importance of effective communication in fostering positive mental and emotional well-being.

Margaret Mensch, M.Ed, LCMHC
With 8 years of experience, Margaret Mensch is dedicated to creating a safe space for individuals to enhance their communication skills, fostering improved interpersonal connections.

Ms. Carol Bennett, MSW/LCSW:
Ms. Carol Bennett brings a wealth of experience in supporting individuals dealing with various challenges. Her compassionate approach empowers individuals to navigate emotions and express themselves authentically.

Taking the first step towards improving your communication skills is transformative—fostering deeper connections, resolving conflicts, and leading to a more fulfilling life. When you’re ready, our team at Integrated Therapy Associates is here to support you.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yael Gold, Margaret Mensch, Ms. Carol Bennett, or another dedicated practitioner. Your path to improved communication and emotional well-being starts here.

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